Each wedding has its own story. True that the plot might look similar; a beautiful, nervous bride, a handsome charming groom, happiest parents, enthusiastic friends and relatives and an eventual “Happy Beginning” where the couple rides away with a “Just Married” sign on display.

Yet down the memory lane, its rarely about the plot, and more about the people, their emotions and the priceless moments that matter the most. It’s more about the shy smiles, the first looks, the secret glances, conversations shared, the holding of hands, loving glances, teasing friends and sometimes the teary eyed goodbyes….. It’s a time when everyone you love and care for comes together to cherish their love for you.

And for me, it’s about the pleasure of capturing those magic moments for you so that you can relive them forever!


Getting Ready

Doting mothers, distantly supervising fathers, a shy nervous brides, enthusiastic grooms, early morning make-up sessions, last moment mirror checks - some of the best memories of the day.



The beautiful rangolis, extravagant decorations, carefully picked rings, beautiful family heirlooms, colorful attires and all the small things that make the occasion so special.


The Moments

Priceless expressions that serve as the best memories for years to come