Each place has it's own personality- something beyond what the regular touristy spots put on display. This personality is a mix of it's natural beauty, it's location, the people that live there, the history and culture, the architecture, the regular way of life and all small things associated with it. In short, each place in itself is like a whole new world, waiting to be explored, waiting for someone to come and discover it's secrets, hear it's own story.

Presenting some stories and beautiful vistas that I came across in this journey called 'Life'


Monsoon Magic - August 2014

A sudden urge to venture into the valleys, explore the road less taken.... and on a fine saturday afternoon me and my trusted travel partner ( the Ecosport ) head towards the beautiful Tamhini - Mulshi region, to see if we get another feast for our eyes....coming soon.


Tamhini & Pabe - July 2014

A solo wandering trip on a weekend where the monsoon refused to visit the city but was present everywhere else. More photos and the story coming soon...


Kochi - April 2014

Serene backwaters, colorful houses, street art, quaint cafes and a crowded but still beautiful beach


Rishikesh - March 2014

A short visit in Uttarakhand, my first. The Yoga Capital of India, with 'Ganga Maiyya' flowing through, chilly weather, spiritual tourists and mesmerizing yet completely tranquilizing evening Ganga Aarti at one of the Ghats. 


Diveagar - Dapoli - February 2014

Pristine beaches, tasty seafood, friendly fisherfolk and the blue sea. And yes of course not to miss the daily fish market at Harnai


Manali - Leh - Khardungla  July 2012

Ladakh the beautiful land of mountains with the landscape changing on every turn. Winding, treacherous and sometimes non existent roads, weather ranging from hot and sunny to extreme cold and windy and the landscape taking your breath away whichever direction you look in. Cycling from the beautiful Manali village to the highest motorable road - Khardungla through the scenic landscape of Ladakh was an experience in itself.