There are many wonderful moments in life where in you feel on top of the world. These moments may not have functions or ceremonies associated with them, but that never diminishes the joy that they bring to your life.
Finding your perfect life partner, starting your wonderful journey towards parenthood, the first steps of your cute little bundle of joy or launching your latest collection of designer wear may be some of these wonderful occasions where you wish you could have some lovely memories.

My pick of some such beautiful moments.


The Art of Music

A 500cc Bullet - remodeled by Verdenchi on the inputs of the owner - Sam. Custom graphics to suit his musical tastes, belt drive and a chopper look - This one sure is a head turner!


9 Months

Love, joy and happiness all come together in this beautiful period of " Soon to be Parents"


I am happy and I know it...



Raavi is the celebration of the colour and the essence of India. It came to life while romancing and experimenting with variety of threads, beads and fabric. It's the designer's (Aditi Moghe) way of experimenting with the arts.