A journey to Goa and Back

An opportunity to assist a friend in Goa to conduct a workshop for some Management students was an opportunity for a long drive and try to capture the nuance of the culture of Goa. 

Mansi, an old friend from Engineering days was in town and had to travel to Belgaum. Since both of us are photography enthusiasts, we thought to make use of the drive to click some snaps along the way. Unfortunately for us, the day turned out to be bright and sunny and hence apart from a few spots near the Ghataprabha river, we were deprived of any good photo opportunities. 
After dropping her off in Belgaum, I proceeded to Goa via the densely forested Chorla ghat. A few photos along the way and Goa arrived. The next few days turned out to be hectic and the heavy rains ensured that the camera stayed in the bag. 

Finally on the way back, an early morning start and a route shown by the trusted Google Maps sent me on a drive through some remote roads and villages allowing the camera to warmup along the way. Since Mansi had warned me about the bad road conditions in Radhanagri, I decided to stick to the tried and tested Amboli ghat. Again the weather kind of betrayed, and the day turned out to be bright and sunny, so the valley views were average but it allowed me a chance to try my hand at waterfall photography ( My first attempt). Although I was disappointed with the litter strewn around the waterfalls ( Thanks to the long weekend and hordes of tourists visiting the ghats ) some decent snaps did happen.  

This time instead of writing a detailed travelogue decided to do a photoblog. So enjoy browsing through the photos and share the link if you like it.