Raavi - Diwali Collection

It's the season of festivals and as the shops gear up to showcase their festive collection, Raavi decided to pull a fast one on them. Launching one of it's biggest collection so far , this Raavi shoot was unique in terms of many ways. A fabulous location ... naah - We are not letting out the secret here - :) - wonderful hosts,  models from various walks of life ( and that means right from stars of the silver screen to stars in the corporate world), photographers from various cities and most of all a shoot that was wrapped up in a record time! All in all a wonderful experience. 

So if you haven't yet purchased one for yourself, OR if you happen to be a gentleman who has stumbled upon this post and haven't yet bought a festive gift for the lovely lady in your life, here's a chance to quickly grab one !! Just drop in a message on this link